Reabilitação e construção de apartamentos, moradias e edifícios
Reabilitação e construção de apartamentos, moradias e edifícios

A Reference for Excellence in Luxury Real Estate

We have Qualified Technicians in the specialties of Masonry, Plumbing, Electricity, Domotics, Air Conditioning, Locksmithing, Carpentry, Joinery and Painting Specialists that allow us to carry out Rehabilitations of Apartments, Houses and Buildings along with the total or partial Construction of Buildings.

Our Standards regarding Quality Levels are higher than those currently in the market, in a process of continuous improvement that allows BRICKLAND to already be a Reference of Excellence in Luxury Real Estate.

In our Projects we use exclusively World-Wide Reference Marks, applying their High Range materials and equipment in order to guarantee the durability and the excellence of the final result.

All the Rehabilitation and Construction Works carried out by BRICKLAND are delivered to its Clients with Pluriannual Warranties for Total Coverage of any defects in construction and / or materials applied, as well as the certainty of a Personalized Follow-up to ensure that their Property is maintained an Excellent Investment over time.

                                                                                                    BRICKLAND - BUILDING PREMIUM HOMES

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